3 impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war on international relations

For some months now, there has been great tension between Russia and Ukraine. This tension is nothing less than a war. It affects many countries in the world. So what are the impacts of this war on international relations ?

Gas supply unavailability

In recent days, the European Union presents a set of sanctions against Russia and, after the Russian invasion, decided to tighten them. According to a senior official, they affect strategic sectors.
However, the energy sector is a major source of concern for countries around the world. These countries are indeed the most dependent states on Russian gas. In 2020 the share of what it imports in some countries is over 43%.
The fear of experts is that the choice to apply new sanctions will affect the way Russia manages its "taps". In the meantime, the uncertainty of the situation alone is already driving up the price of petrol.

Rising prices and the economic consequences

Oil and wheat prices are also soaring. The reason for the latter increase is explained by Coldiretti. To worry the markets, the association points out, the fact that tensions between the two countries can slow down shipments from Russia. They are also blocking Ukrainian shipments from Black Sea ports with a collapse in supply to world markets.
There are also fears of supply problems due to high fuel prices. "The emerging situation is becoming worrying also with regard to the protests by road transporters.

The invasion of possible refugee arrivals

Already a few hours after the invasion, the streets of Kiev were crowded with cars driving away from the capital. This is the first sign of a new wave of refugees. According to the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, up to five million people may be without shelter.
Even if some countries are not the most exposed, if only for geographical reasons, new people are arriving. In countries seeking refuge, some may resort to the possibility of family reunification.

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