Divorce cases are becoming more common in the 21st century. The key to successful married life is the desire to make the marriage work. Here are three elaborate tips for behaving well in a marriage.

Ask yourself if there are ten percent of your marriage worth saving

Most couples tend to focus on the wrong things and their respective weaknesses. Instead, try to think about what works, what you still love about your partner.
Reflecting on the strengths of your relationship will be a springboard to re-launch your relationship. When you argue with your partner, very strong impulses are aroused in the soul. This leads to overreactions and impulsive decisions.
What you need to do before making rash choices is to wait for the waters to calm down. Only by regaining rationality can you truly understand what you want from your marriage.

Overcome your discomfort and seek physical contact with your partner

When your relationship fizzles out, the last thing you want to do is whisper sweet nothings to each other. But try to do it anyway. Even if you feel forced and embarrassed, try to make a gesture of affection anyway.
Relationships thrive on gestures of love. If you want to get your marriage back, make an effort to bring those natural gestures back as they were in the beginning. Send your partner a bouquet of flowers or a cheesy message.

Strengthen your marriage from a conflict exit

Having relationship problems doesn't necessarily mean the marriage is over. Conflict can also lead to growth in the marriage. In relationships between two people who love each other, it is normal to move from the beginning of romantic love.
When you are in this phase, you tend to see everything your partner does as wrong. This leads to conflicts that can lead to separation. But if you communicate and dialogue, not only will you not enter into a crisis, but you will come out stronger than before.