Some devices have touch screens for controlling the computer and entering text with your finger or a light pen. Once your computer adapts to your writing style, you have the flexibility to access information without using a keyboard or mouse. Here's a complete guide to setting up your device's touch screen.

Select Input Panel

Handwriting recognition and touchscreen control features are seen on dedicated LCD touchscreen tablets. For ease of use, the lid of laptops can be opened and rotated over the keyboard.
The screen image can be turned to any angle for easy viewing. Using the stylus (light pen), you open programs and enter commands by touching the corresponding items on the touch screen.
This handwriting recognition feature allows you to write on the screen, rather than using the conventional keyboard. But, before using these features, you should definitely configure your computer for user action recognition.

Select the desired screen orientation and input panel

Here you need an activation of the recognition of personal handwriting characteristics. Then have the handwriting recognition adapted to your handwriting.
For your convenience, you should run an interactive program to adapt the system to your handwriting. To access this program, you click or tap on the following items: Start > All Programs > Table PC > Tablet PC Pen Training.

Calibrate the touch screen

The buttons and command input fields are located at distinct points on the screen. Determine the touch points with an optical pen in the coordinates of the screen image to get a good result.
However, each person's eye and hand coordination has its own individual characteristics. Calibrating the touch screen allows you to compensate for the difference between the expected and actual touch on the surface.
To calibrate the touch screen, you need to select the desired orientation of the tablet screen and follow the steps that will appear. The handwriting recognition feature can be turned on or off. When calibrating the touch screen, you must do one of the following to enable this feature.